PPL – February Status

February 20th, 2007

The weather has been rubbish recently, but on the 25th of January I did my first landaway solo from Ronaldsway to Carlisle with G-BTND. The outbound trip was great at FL50 – smooth and clear. The weather was closing in on the way back so I changed my planned route and back to Ronaldsway via Peel. Total flying 2h 30m.

  • A quick stop in Carlisle, then back along the Solway coast at 6000 feet. Outside air temperature -9 Celcius.
  • Routing along the Solway coast, approaching Annan before turning towards Carlisle
  • Halfway across, tracking IOM and DCS VORs
  • Overhead Point of Ayre, Burrow Head and Wigton Bay in the distance.
  • 5500ft over Ramsey
  • Overhead Laxey with North Barrule and Ramsey beyond

The other good news is I passed Flight Performance & Planning (100%). The next task is the qualifying cross country, but the aircraft is booked up for the next few weeks, so Sunday morning was spent flying the Cessna 172. It’s more expensive but should give me an alternative if the Tomahawk is unavailable.