International Space Station

July 22nd, 2008
International Space Station Visual Pass

International Space Station Visual Pass

That’s right folks, I’ve been playing at Astrophotography with my new Canon EOS 450D, and the past few days the International Space Station has been particularly bright. The image was recorded over a 20 second exposure, not ideal as the star trails are obvious, but for a first attempt I’m quite satisfied. Once I’ve worked out how to do multi-image align and stacking I’ll have a go at that.

The site Heavens Above is a good resource to find out when the ISS will be visible, as well as the fascinating Iridium satellite flares, which are apparently visible in daylight.

It’s odd standing there looking at the ISS cross the sky knowing that it’s travelling at over 17000 miles per hour, and is less than 500 miles away.

More of my beginners astro-images are in the Gallery but for some really great pictures look at

I’m still thinking about buying a telescope! At least it’s not so cold at the moment. If I can make it till October, that will be 10 months of thinking, and that’s usually a good sign that I won’t get bored too soon. It’ll be cold out again by then though…