The past two weeks…

August 29th, 2008

A couple of weeks ago I bought myself a Blackberry Curve, yet it’s taken me this long to write about it – what gives? Well, the first appointment I put in the Blackberry’s calendar was “Brody Vet”.

Brody had a small lump on his chest that had grown 100% in size within one week, and last week we found out it was a tumor, and the vet said it had to come out. This past Tuesday, he went in for his operation to remove it. Because Catherine and I are totally paranoid, he’s been back to the vet twice as he was scratching at the wound, but no damage was done and he’s continuing to recover. Today we finally got the lab results back. It was a benign tumor and he’s been given the all clear. All we need now is to get his stitches out next Friday. Tonight we finally got to relax.

Anyway, the Blackberry is great, and is ideal for what I wanted giving simple, easy to use email facilities, unlimited data for a reasonable fee and it’s not another hopeless Windows Mobile device. And it’s got an appointment “Brody Stitches Out”, which is the best bit.