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Barbados Holiday Photos

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Without any further ado, here’s a selection of our holiday photos from last week in Barbados.

  • Catherine and the Cat
  • Underwater photography is a tricky art!
  • Catherine sunbathing and snorkelling
  • Having fun on a waverunner
  • Self portraits with the waterproof camera
  • Sunset from the hotel link
  • Sunset over Carlisle Bay
  • Our other rental, 8P-JOY, A Cessna 172
  • The Hilton and its reclaimed beach
  • Bridgetown Port, Carlisle Bay and Needhams Point
  • Port Charles marina and heliport
  • North Point and the Animal Flower Cave
  • Bathsheba from the air
  • Airborne in 8P-JOY, looking back towards the airport
  • Dusk from the blacony
  • Andrews sugar cane factory
  • Our Suzuki Jimny rental
  • Little Bay on the 4x4 tour
  • A view down the east coast
  • Island Safari's Land Rover "Garfield" at Barclays Park
  • Lightning Strike within a cloud
  • The view from our hotel room
  • An evening view from our room

Where are the Concorde pictures I hear you ask? Well, I’m working on a dedicated section for my Concorde “project”…