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Aboyne Soaring

Sunday, May 18th, 2008

I’m just back from a week at Deeside Gliding Club – The weather was not playing the game for high altitude wave soaring, as the wind was easterlies all week. However, the themal conditions on Wednesday did allow me to get a 5 hour flight for my Silver duration (though it was a close run thing!). I was flying the SZD Puchacz for the silver flight, and also some more flights in the SZD Junior. The Junior seems far more comfortable then the Puch, but after 5 hours I’m sure any glider will seem uncomfortable!

Next job is to get a Silver distance (50km) and height gain (1000m). There’s a chance of doing the height gain on the island, so I’m currently scouring ebay for GPS barograph loggers!

  • Flying the Duo. It's absolutely effortless, but I'm going down at the moment!
  • A field landing by the Puchacz
  • Ballater and beyond
  • Looking West back to Ballater
  • A high tow in the Duo Discus with Peter flying from the back seat
  • Puchacz FWE - I spent 5 hours thermalling in FWE for my Silver duration flight
  • Piper Pawnee G-BCBJ did all the tugging for us during the week

Gliding – Proper Soaring

Monday, July 9th, 2007

2 hours and 3 minutes in the T45 Swallow – on the Isle of Man! Sunday 8th July was a great day for gliding, and I did my longest flight on the island. What a great feeling!

The only problem is now I’ve got to try and exceed that, and the Swallow seat could not really be described as comfortable.