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Ski Trip (MkII)

Friday, March 7th, 2008

We’re off on the boat tonight for a second attempt at a ski trip to Scotland. Predictably, the weather forecast is for storms!

However, at least this time we’ll have our own skis – well, hopefully. Catherine’s skis were delivered last month, but as the shipping cost for mine was an unbelievable £50 (!) they were delivered to my parents house instead. Catherine’s only cost £10 to ship. Anyway, if they fit in the roofbox, I’ll have my own skis too.

In preparation for the big snow falls (snigger) I decided to get some new tyres on the Freelander. The original front tyres lasted an astonishing 47000 miles, and the rear pair are looking good for 50k. No surprises that I ordered the same type again. (Michelin Synchrone Extra Load 215/65R16). I’ve left the new ones on the front for the ski trip, but they’ll be going on the back afterwards – the Freelander drives the front wheels slightly faster than the rear, and the circumference difference of having new tyres on the front and old on the back increases the speed differential the viscous coupling has to deal with, and may cause early failure.

Anyway, we’re heading up to Aviemore on Sunday, then probably down to Fort William on Wednesday. If the weather plays the game, we should hopefully get a chance to visit Glencoe too, never skiied there before.


Sunday, December 16th, 2007

Well, learning anyway. Satuday 15th December saw Catherine and I doing 1 hour of beginners level 2 snowboard lessons at Xscape in Glasgow. Level 1 was easy, as you stand up pointing up the hill. I found it impossible to stand up facing down the hill (New Year diet required), but once I was up things went well. At the end of the lessons, we practiced proper turns, the idea being to do once half turn and stop. One turn, ooops, two turns, arrgh, three turns. I stayed up though. Catherine naturally assumed this was just me showing off as usual. Catherine’s attempt: One turn, ooops, two turns, arrgh, three turn (she stayed up too). So there! Unintentional showing off.

Anyway, next time we’re in Glasgow we’ll do the 3 & 4 lessons – Linked turns and surface lifts, so fingers crossed for Scottish snow at the start of March and we could well be on real snow, on a real hill. I’ll probably chicken out and go with the skis though!